About Pioneer Outfitters

About Pioneer Outfitters

About Us

Welcome to Pioneer Outfitters! A family-owned and operated company by Devan Jackson since 2004! Devan left home at the ripe old age of 18 to be in the great outdoors and began his career as a trail guide at Galena Corrals in Ketchum, Idaho. His love and passion for the wilderness and outfitting industry grew quickly and soon he began to develop more advanced skills in backcountry packing and guiding. In 2004, Devan purchased Pioneer Outfitters and was able to continue his enthusiasm for outfitting by offering daily trail rides and backcountry pack trips into the beautiful White Could Wilderness located in Stanley, Idaho. In 2016, Devan had the opportunity to purchase the location where his passion for outfitting first began, Galena Corrals.

Devan's wife Christie grew up with a passion, some would say an obsession, for horses. She spent her younger years showing and training horses. That passion drove her to attend Veterinary school at Washington State University. While in school, Chrisite was introduced to Devan on a blind date. Once Christie found out that Devan owned a herd of around 40 horses at that time, the deal was sealed and Christie officially joined the company in 2015 when she and Devan married. In 2020, they welcomed their first daughter to the family and look forward to instilling in her a love of the outdoors and horses.

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